We organize full truck loads inside Europe. We have considerable experience in organizing large quantities of goods and intensive flows that requires extra care and attention. Our entire staff and drivers have completed training, hence goods are delivered in accordance with all requirements.


We provide services in the following countries:

Germany;             Italy;                            Denmark;
Poland;                 Hungary;                    France;
Netherlands;       Czech Republic;         Spain;
Belgium;               Slovakia;                     England;
Slovenia;               Romania;                    Austria;

Types of transported goods:

• General cargo;
• ADR goods;
• Wood;
• Household appliances:
• Dairy products;
• Plastic products;
• Other goods.


Logtrans provides a full range of services for transporting goods by road. We offer transportation, additional cargo insurance, warehousing, customs clearance, brokerage and delivery to the end customer from Western Europe to the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

After careful investigation of the request we offer the best route to make a quick delivery at the best price, taking into account all conditions.

Lithuanian and Russian fleet ensures a stable and high-quality services.


Our advantages:

• Russian registration – guaranteed delivery of cargo regardless of the situation with permits;
• GPS system – allows for precise control of the cargo location and security;
• Full range of services;
• Express delivery – 2 drivers.

Types of cargo:

• General cargo;
• Expensive goods;
• Goods requiring temperature control;
• Dangerous goods;
• Other goods.


Loads are delivered from any European city to warehouses on a daily basis. Then the goods as partial shipments are delivered to consignees.
Express deliveries of small consignments are carried out directly by small size vehicles.

Regular shipping lanes:

  • Benelux, Germany – 3 days;
  • Italy – 4-5 days;
  • Spain – 5-7 days;
  • France – 4-5 days;
  • Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic – 2-3 days.

Benefits, transporting partial loads

• Regular lines from any place in Europe;
• Cargo delivery to remote regions of Russia;
• Intermediate warehouses in Western Europe;
• Immediate delivery of small consignments with small size motor vehicles.

Own customs agents with more than 10 years of work experience.

Services offered:

• Logistics solutions and consulting;
• Container collection and transportation from the port to the place of unloading;
• Storage of goods in customs and commercial warehouse, cargo handling;
• Product sorting, labeling, wrapping, measuring, packaging, quality control;
• Selection of piece goods, using modern warehouse management system;
• Parcel formation from the consolidated stock of goods;
• Execution of commercial transactions in a customs warehouse;

Terminal services:

  • Storage of goods;
  • Manual and mechanical handling;
  • Reporting of goods movement in the warehouse;
  • Reporting to clients about the movement of goods or transactions and balances;
  • Product sorting, packing, palletizing, loading batches of formation;
  • Product labeling, marking and preparation for sale;
  • Product distribution.Our stored cargo is secured by acting security post and alarm.

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